The Night Brings Out My Beast

It’s 3am in my part of the world and I feel the slightest ache of arousal. Savage thoughts about my pet roam my mind. My hand on her bare and white ass, tears streaming down her face. Why is that sexually stimulating more so in the night? Any other time, I would shelter her and comfort her. But I have this rage almost, this side to my dark persona. It’s fascinating. I’m wired this way though. Do we develop these savage moments or are we instilled with them by birth? The cosmic questions matter not – the end result is I’m in this environment and the night brings out my beast. I want to bound her. I want to take her sweet ass. I want to growl into her ear that tonight she’s my instrument and I’ll play her till I’m spent.

The darkness, I think, is the quality I’ve come to be fascinated by and to enjoy — and I fully believe if I didn’t have a D/s relationship in my life then it would consume me. Which…come to think of it, sounds quite enticing right now.


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