The Mantra


The mantra is an extension of speech training. The contents of the mantra differ from couple to couple but it is my belief that it should empower the submissive while at the same time acting as an reinforcement towards her, reminding her of her obedience and who she belongs to. Within time, the submissive may tell you of the effect it has on her and how she might feel safe and secure, as a submissive has said to me in the past.

So what will your mantra say? That’s up to either the Dominant one to decide or if s/he wills it, the submissive can construct her own. If the latter is the case, be gentle. Some people aren’t creative and will struggle coming up with something to say. Help them. Guide them. Remind them why they submitted to you and they may in turn be inspired to write something.

So how often should the submissive recite the mantra? Again, entirely up to the Dominant. A good Dominant will discuss it with his submissive – make sure she’s comfortable. You may want to consider –

– Before and after every shower

– Before and after each meal

– Once in the morning and once in the afternoon

Before long, your submissive might have an epiphany with the material or simply just take delight in reciting it. Regardless, the mantra is a powerful and continuous training exercise, keeping the submissive always aware of who she belongs to.

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