The Dress Code


Here’s something I can’t live without in my D/s relationship – dressing, at all times, my submissive. I just need to control this woman. And I’m not talking something ridiculously sexed up but just every day dressing my submissive.
Now, this may not be entirely training as such. Yes it does reinforce who she submitted to and when she’s out, be at the office or with friends, she will feel owned, but consider this to be an ongoing task between you two.

Now don’t go dressing the submissive up in something outlandish – unless s/he’s into it, of course – then by all means go right ahead. I’m talking to the Dominant one now: respect your submissive’s feelings and fears. Maybe s/he doesn’t want to go out without underwear and that’s going to create unwanted anxiety. Maybe s/he’s going to be uncomfortable in a particular outfit. Communicate.

Dressing your submissive to your liking and having him/her represent you in the world is a beautiful thing and submissive folk: feeling that exhilaration when you step into the world outside in the outfit laid out for you is a beautiful thing – so enjoy it and always communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE. Yes, you are doing this for your Dominant one but remember that your needs come first at the end of the day. Be honest and up front.

Together, talk about how much you want to feature the dress code in the D/s relationship. 24/7? Day and Night? Underwear? No underwear?

Personally, I have chosen to have my submissive have a day once a week where she goes without panties. It keeps her on her toes of a day, always being reminded of my presence. Consider what works for you, establish boundaries and always be honest.

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