Personal Grooming

Every submissive I have taken under my wing, I have given her instructions about her personal grooming – so that she and I take care of her body, how I see fit. Depending on your D/s relationship, this personal grooming may extend further to the hair on her head and in other manners. I think that all this comes down to the submissive and how they are comfortable personally.

For example, if my submissive was uncomfortable being bare, I would discuss it with her openly, right down to the cause. I feel that in such a relationship, it is of the upmost importance to be open and honest at all times.

Maintaining such a control over her body can very well be an erotic experience, when you’re out or when your bed sheets touch your skin, you can be easily reminded of your Dominant one even when they are no where near you.

Have a talk with your partner, make sure they’re comfortable when bringing up what you want to discuss here and always be sensitive. We humans are a sensitive bunch, particularly when it comes to body image.

Personally, I like to leave a little wriggle room for my submissive. You fell for her spirit, did you not? Let her keep that to an extent you two are comfortable with.

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