Speech Training

Speech training is an important part of the role for me, for many factors. One, being that I am pretty old fashioned so I require and enjoy my submissive to be polite at all times whilst in the role. If she’s new to the role or rather is just new to what her particular Dominant prefers, it’s always a loving experience to really guide her.

Keep in mind that everyone is different. Everyone has different methods and preferences and mine might suit yours – which is fabulous, that’s good. Explore and have fun doing so.

So if you’re a Dom and you’ve come across this page – or if you are a submissive interested in the interplay and want to explore that further, here are some things you may want to consider.

– The submissive must always remember his/her manners: “Yes, Ma’am/Sir”, “Thankyou Ma’am/Sir”.

-When you mishear something, instead of saying “Huh?” or “What?”, consider saying “Pardon, Ma’am/Sir?” or “Excuse me, Sir/Ma’am?”

– When in role, consider referring to yourself as a pet name you’ve come up with – I.E ‘pet’ or ‘kitten’ – “May pet be excused?” – A submissive has reflected about it to me, saying it reminded her of what she has signed up for, of who she gave herself to and why. She has commented on the power of submitting in that unique way.

– As a Dom, I require my submissive to excuse herself if we are hanging out together. It could be an activity as simple as watching an episode of our favourite TV show but if she needs to go to the toilet or go get a drink, she must always say “May [insert your preferred pet name] be excused for a moment, Sir/Ma’am?”. The same can be said for when she wants to talk in the Dom/Domme’s presence, I always prefer her to ask to speak.

Now, everyone is different in what they want out of their submissive in regards to speech training. Have a talk with your partner about it and come to your own special and personal method.

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